How to add user Last Modified On: 2019-03-25 18:23:49.607067


The following are the steps to create/add a staff(s):

On the Sidebar, select "Users"

For mobile phones: Press on menu

Click on “Staff”

For mobile phones Click on "Users" then "Staff"

Click on “Add staff”

For mobile phones:

You are now in the registration section, you can register a staff(s) in two ways:

i. By manually entering the staff's information

For mobile phones:

Click on “Add User”

For mobile phones:

Tip: This method is most effective when the staffs' excel has data already

On the right side of the staffs' information fields, there is an excel sample registration file you can download incase you don't have an excel file already

After Downloading the sample, edit all the information required and save it in your documents

Excel sample format

Click on “Browse”

Choose the respective file from your documents and Click open to upload it to the system

Click on Submit to complete registration


Note: A success notification will appear at the top-right corner, otherwise repeat all the procedures carefully.