How to view exam Last Modified On: 2019-03-26 22:01:10.691278


The following are the steps to view a new exam(s):

On the sidebar, Select “Exam”

For mobile phones: Press on menu

(i)Click:Exam then,
(ii)Exam Definition

Click on “Exam Definition”

Select class and academic year

For mobile phones:

A list of exams defined will be seen, click on “View” from the table to view exam Information

For mobile phones:

You can also use the following ways to view this information:

To view by PDF, Click on “PDF”

PDF sample displayed

To view by Excel, Click on “Excel”

Excel sample format

To view by CSV, Click on “CSV”

CSV Sample format

You can Print a Hard Copy by Clicking on “Print”


Note: A success notification will appear at the top-right corner, otherwise repeat all the procedures carefully.