How to add exam Last Modified On: 2021-11-02 14:21:20.573722


1. Click exam

2. Click setting

3. Click Exam group

4. Add exam groups that are conducted at your school and their weight (total marks carried). Eg Monthly Exams, Weekly Exams, Main Exams (Terminal Exams, Mid Term Exams, Annual Exams) then save by click Add Exam Group.

5. Repaet the same procedures to define all other groups remained until you are done.

6. Click School Exams

7. Click on Add Exam button

8. Exam name - Provide the name of exam E.g Mid Term Exams

9. Abbreviation - Provide the abbreviation of the exam name. Eg MTE for Mid Term Exams.

10. Class level - Select the level(s) of class which will do exam. Eg Primary, Nursery

11. Exam group name - Choose the group of the exam that particular exam belongs to. Eg Main Exams

12. Note - Add some descriptions of that particular exam you defined above. Eg To evaluate students' performances.

13. Click on the button save, to save it.

14. Repeat the same procedures to add other exams for all groups you defined.

15. Click class allocation.

16. Click on the Define Exam button.

17. Class level - Choose a class level you want to add an exam. Eg Primary

18. Exam name - Select an exam name. Eg Annual Exams

19. Date of exam - Select a date an exam will be done. Eg 10/12/2021

20. Academic year - Select an academic year. Eg 2021

21. Semester - Select semester. Eg Second

22. Class - Choose class (s) that will do that exam only. Eg Grade One

23. Special grade name - If you have special grade select it here. If not leave blank.

24. Note - Add a description for exam defined above.

25. Then click on the Add Exam button below to save that exam.

26. Repaet the same procedures for both exams and classes until all are finished.