How to delete parent Last Modified On: 2019-03-25 18:12:26.481451


The following are the steps to create/add a parent(s):

On the Sidebar, select "Users"

For mobile phones: Press on menu

Click on “Parent”

For mobile phones: Click on "Users" then, "Parents"

Click on down arrow to view a list of classes

For mobile phones:

You can select a class or select "All" to view all parents registered in the system

You can delete the parent profile in the following ways:

i. Click delete on the respective parent profile

For mobile phones:

ii. Viewing the profile details before deleting

Click on “View” on a respective parent profile

For mobile phones:

Review the profile and click on “Delete”

Select the reason for deleting the profile example; “Mistakenly Registered”

For mobile phones:

Then Click on “Submit change”

For mobile phones:


Note: A success notification will appear at the top-right corner, otherwise repeat all the procedures carefully.