Introduction Last updated: 23 Mar 2022

What is ShuleSoft
ShuleSoft is an extensible, scalable and easy to use school management system that simplify school operations and interconnect parents, teachers, students and other school’s stakeholders

This Guide is designed to help you get started and understand easily how to use ShuleSoft

ShuleSoft Users

Anyone with an account withing ShuleSoft, can access specific details in ShuleSoft system based on permission granted by school administrator.

ShuleSoft main users includes

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • and Non-teaching staff
How to access ShuleSoft (Requirements)
In order to access ShuleSoft, these are requirements
    As a school
  • 1. At least one computer
  • 2. Electricity
  • 3. Internet (you can use phone internet)

Other Users

Normal User (parent, teacher, student and non-teaching staff) can access ShuleSoft via Mobile phone/tablet/computer
Link how to connect smartphone with computer to access internet

Overview about system arrangement
The image above, shows the basic arrangement of ShuleSoft once sign in.
System arrangement:
A System navigation (menu)
B Search Area
C All system notifications (birthdays, e-payments, online admission etc)
D Language changes
E Messages/replies from parents
F profile page link
Quick Guide
For getting started easily, you just need to follow these 4 major steps. These steps are further described on the left side menu with more details, but you can just follow these steps without detailed description below

You MUST first login as Admin to perform any major system configuration

  1. Setup your account
  2. a) Navigate to Settings -> System Setting, then fill proper details in all sub-sections available (general, terms, school logo, academic year)

    b) Navigate to Settings -> User permission, then create roles available in your school, select a role and provide necessary permissions

  3. SMS Configuration
  4. In ShuleSoft, there are two types of SMS (Quick SMS and Phone SMS)

      Quick SMS

      These are internet message that goes with your school Name

      Phone SMS

      These are SMS sent from school ANDROID phone Schools needs to Download our ANDROID APP (karibuSMS) in school phone and connect them with ShuleSoft to enable SMS sending from ShuleSoft to parents/users
  5. Data entry
  6. The followings are the SIX (6) procedures to follow for data entry

    1. Register teachers
    2. Define Classes available in your school,
    3. Define Sections/streams available in your school
    4. Register Parents,
    5. Register Students,
    6. Register school non-teaching staff
  7. Basic configuration
  8. Navigate to signature part, and upload school Stamps, this will appear in students’ academic reports and receipts


Follow the following steps to setup and use academic parts in ShuleSoft

  • Subjects Management
  • · Add subject Click add or import from NECTA (so as to download the subject from NECTA) · Class subject Add subject to a specific class · Section subject teachers Add section subject teachers so as to allocate specific teacher to a specific class
  • Grading
  • · Grading Add grades so as to show the rank of the students when entering the mark. · Special grade name This helps to specify the name of grade in the school, if there are some class/exams having different grades. · Special grade This helps to specify other grades in the school, if there are some class/exams having different grades.
  • Exam Settings
  • i. exams group, this help on setting all the exam settings so as its can be easily to use the part of academic by setting the, ii. school exams, to which you enter the exams name of your school iii. Class allocation helps to assign the above entered exams to a specific class.
  • Exam schedule
  • This help to prepare the time table of what day will the exam be done
  • Marking
  • This help to add the marks in the system and there are two different ways of enter the marks in the system i. One by one marks enter This help to upload the marks of students one by one by click mark and then select class and academic year then you will click view/add mark ii. Upload mark excel This help to upload more than one mark in the system by click mark, upload mark excels, excels templates then download to which there you will fill the marks of the respective class, after that go to Upload marks from excel file then down you will submit
  • Exam Reports
  • I. Single reports This helps to show the students reports in general and also you can preview the single reports card of a student. II. Combine reports This helps to combine more than one exam report and display in general and also you can preview the report card of one student.
  • Students character
  • Help class teacher and headmaster to write comment on each student’s behavior


To get started on using accounting module, kindly follow the following simple steps

  • Account Settings
  • i) banking setup ii) Account groups iii)charts of accounts iv) Opening balance v)Invoice guide
  • Fees Management
  • Installments This clarify payments terms of the school by setting the starting date and end date Definition This define all the fees of the school and also you will have to allocate bank too Fee structure This help to specify the exactly amount of the fee added before Discount This help to show deduction of different fees of a specific students Unsubacribe This help to remove a certain fee that a students is not suppose to be paid
  • Invoice Management
  • is a commercial document that itemizes a transaction between a school and a parents to which guide a parents on his/her students bill.
  • Account Transactions
  • Include expense,revenue,liability,capital,current and fixed assets

Intermediate Guide

This basically cover other modules as follows

Academic (Exams) Management -Intermediate Syllabus Management Qualitative Reports (Students Characters) Library Management Configuration (members, books and Issuing Reports Hostel Management Manage your hostels Transport Management Vehicle and Routes Members management Student Diary Attendance E-resources Routine Promotion Accounts F) Inventory Vendo, Items,Purchase,Usage, System,Pocket money G) Payroll Pension fund is any plan, fund, or scheme which provides retirement income Allowance the act of allowing. an amount or share allotted or granted. a sum of money allotted or granted for a particular purpose. Deduction is making an inference based on widely accepted facts or premises Salary This is the payroll which cover the computation for payroll

Advanced Level Guide

Mastering these parts usually put your school in the advantage position. Here you need to master

Academic (Exams) Management - advanced Insights academic Leaving certificates Teachers evaluation Accounts Management - advanced Loans Management Liabilities Management Assets Management Capital Management Financial statement Financial ratio Financial insights Electronic payment integrations Users Management ID cards Contracts Management User insights